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Are your cakes really made fresh?

Yes, all our cakes are made from scratch, using premium ingredients, no artificial flavours and are never frozen. For a Saturday cake: your cake will be baked on Thursday. It will sit in the fridge overnight wrapped in plastic to firm up the crumb. We then stack the cake and prepare the final finishes on Friday ready for decorating. The cake will then be freshly decorated on the Saturday prior to your pickup or delivery. All our macarons, meringues, drizzles, fillings and toppings are made in house.

Can I pickup my cake?

Yes. Single tier and 2 tier cakes are available for collection at a pre-arranged time. Cakes are placed into large cake boxes that will protect the cake from any minor bumps and bruises. They have non-slip mat between the cake board and box to ensure they stay in place. We try to have all our cakes in boxes with the lid closed, however with our designs, many will peak over the top of the box so you do need to take care. Cake by Susanne cannot take responsiblity for cakes collected and then damaged in transit. As we operate from our home studio, we do appreciate your prompt arrival for pickups.

Do I need to bring someone with me to pickup my cake?

Many people have the desire to place the cake on someone's lap to hold on tight. Firstly a persons lap is not a flat surface, it is also warm. Both of which are not a cakes best friend. We always reccommend the flattest surface you can create with as much airconditioning access as possible. We normally transport our cakes either on the front passenger seat or in the boot of our SUV (a sedan's boot is never appropriate).

Do you provide free tastings?

All our bridal couples are welcome to a compimentary consultation and cake tasting. We do not provide cake tastings for cakes other than our bridal orders.

Can I just pop in and see you?

As our studio is operated from our private home, we do require an appointment to discuss your cake design. We offer flexible appointment options.

How many people should attend a bridal tasting?

Whilst it is a lot of fun to have a whole party of friends attend your cake tasting. We reccommend that you limit your invite list to your fiance and one or two other trusted members. We have a limited time to spend together and the best results for your wedding day will be reached if we can focus on your design. We provide complimentry cake for 2 guests and can seat 4 in total.

Why is my cake slightly different to the photo?

All our cakes are created individually and therefore will have variations especially with floral designs. All flowers are created by nature differently and have seasonal restrictions. We will explain any major variations or restrictions on ordering.

Can my florist or I put flowers on my cake?

Unforunately no. As the cake is an edible product we are responsible for the safety of those consuming the cake. This includes ensuring the cake is free from contamination. This is a responsibility we take incredibly seriously. Fresh florals need to be prepared correctly and in a food safe environment to ensure the cake remains safe to consume. Additionally, you are purchasing a signature "Cake by Susanne" design which includes the bespoke floral styling of your cake.

Do you cater to allergies?

Yes, we cater to gluten free, dairy free and nut free. We do not unfortunately cater to egg free as I am yet to produce an egg free cake that I am happy with (this is a work in progress). Our allergy cakes are baked in a kitchen that handles allergy ingredients and hence are allergy friendly by ingredient only. Our gluten free cakes are made using our own special flour mix, not a premade flour to ensure a beautiful textured cake. Dairy free cakes are either made with lactose free ingredients or no dairy depending on the allergy type. I have a dairy allergy so understand this one well. Nut free, our kitchen does not use peanuts at all (due to my own allergy). Most of our cakes are naturally nut free.

How do I cut a cake?

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